Utilities are useful features to our homes such as gas,water,cable,phone,electricity etc.Utility business is a very successful business these days,even if we consider it in the UK or in any part of the world.Basic things such as electricity,power,gas would be required by everyone in the whole world.Basic utilities that are needed for a house would generally be these:-water-gas-electricity-sewer-telephone-internet-trash collection-security alarms-satellite tv etc.

Utilities are very much necessary for every household and there are many different companies which provides them on an effective low price.,there are many websites that help the people in the UK to compare the prices of utilities so they choose the best for them and save huge amounts on their bill.

Not only considering UK, utility business that provide boiler replacement services are successful all over the world because utilities as the name states has its main importance in every person lives and they would spend on it always even when they are poor,rich or in between.


There are many companies that provide water to England but Scotland has only single water authority.UK drinking water is regulate by the Drinking Water Impectorate(DWI) in the England and Wales.There are tests conducted in water so as to check the quality of water ,bacteria in it and metals such as nitrate ,pesticides and to check the quality of water how it looks and tastes.water pressure provided by these companies should be able to fill one gallon of container in 30 seconds.

WATER SUPPLIERS TO UK Anglian Water Bristol Water Cambridge Water Dee valley Essex and Suffolk Water Independent Water Networks Southern Water Thames Water Peel water networks


British Gasseeboard energywhich? switchnpowerpowergenscottish powerEDF energyNational GridIgas EnergyScottish and southern energy plc
The gas companies in the UK has produces 1.42 million boepd till date.98% of the production of gas comes from offshore area.In 2008,the UK was ranked as the 14th largest gas producer and in the Europe ,The Uk was the second to Norway for oil and gas production.
Oil is produced on the UKES to satisfy all domestic consumption.


There are more than 18 companies that serve electricity to the people in the UK.some electricity companies offer both gas and electricity.

Their is a facility of changing up your electricity supplier if you feel you could save by switching up to other electricity companies Cambridge gas and electricityLlyoyd TSBnpowerUK power networksSweb energySwalecUswitchVirgin energySouthern electricUtility warehouseEcotricityVirgin energyGood energyEon energy
most electricity or utilities companies provide offers that you don’t have to buy the utilities alone instead these big companies have negotiating people in between and you can buy gas,¬†emergency electricians and every utility atleast basic ones from one stop such as solution consultants.
People in the UK has the option of switching their gas,electricity because it can be done in fewer minutes also it saves alot on your bill and some websites like provides comparing of prices of water,electricity and gas so it helps saving alot on different utilities and helping with the normal class people’s budget.

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